Law firm fees
in Paris and New York

Barbara Blanchard exercises a liberal profession and is free to set her fees. In order to establish a relationship of trust with its clients, it nevertheless ensures that its remuneration is determined in full transparency. The lawyer will thus inform you in advance of the method of calculating her fees as well as all the elements taken into account.

The remuneration of the lawyer

To ensure the transparency of her fees, Barbara agrees to set them by mutual agreement with her clients. Each support will then be the subject of an agreement between you and her. The lawyer will inform you about his firm’s hourly rate and the criteria for setting his remuneration, which include these various points:

  • The nature and complexity of the case
  • Specialization for the areas to be treated
  • The due diligence
  • The urgency of the intervention
  • The client’s economic situation

Lawyer fees

Fees for time spent

An hourly rate is determined when the case is opened and the total cost will be calculated in proportion to the number of hours the lawyer has spent on your case when it is closed.

Package fees

This type of agreement consists of agreeing a fixed and final remuneration for all services. When a fixed fee agreement is concluded, it is also accompanied by a performance fee. In the event that the file requires additional diligence, additional compensation will be determined by mutual agreement and on the basis of time spent.

Fees based on the result

The law does not allow a lawyer to be paid only if his appeal is successful. For this type of fee, you will then have to set upstream a basic remuneration which will then be associated with that in the result. The calculation will be made according to the benefits obtained.

The challenge of attorney’s fees

Your attorney’s fees may be subject to dispute if you find that they have been over-set. The first approach to take is to discuss it with her. Usually an agreement can result. If this step is unsuccessful, you can contact the President of the Bar or the consumer mediator for the legal profession.

Carole Pascarel – National Mediator of the Lawyer Profession

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