Main services

Commercial litigation

The firm assists companies and executives in the management of their disputes and represents them before the French courts. The firm intervenes in matters of termination of negotiations, abrupt termination of established commercial relations, breach of contract, unfair competition, civil or criminal liability of executives, litigation relating to the transfer of businesses, and commercial leases.

Enforcement of french and foreign decisions

The firm assists businesses and individuals at the stage of enforcement of French and foreign judgments. The firm is particularly involved in matters of protective measures, attachments and challenges, recognition and enforcement of international decisions, and immunities from enforcement.

International legal support

The firm advises French startups and companies on the various legal aspects of their international development, particularly in the United States.



The firm is committed that each file be treated with the utmost discretion.

Because the success of each case is rooted in a relationship based on mutual trust, the firm ensures the confidentiality of exchanges with its clients under all circumstances.


The firm is committed to total transparency towards its clients.

An agreement on fees is systematically entered into beforehand and the client’s prior approval is sought before any unforeseen expenditure.

On the strategic level, each file is managed in close collaboration with the client.


The firm is committed to preserving the environment, in particular by limiting paper communications.

When these exchanges are unavoidably necessary, the firm uses only recycled paper and ink cartridges.


The firm is committed to the underprivileged and to causes it holds in high regard by dedicating time to the processing of pro bono cases.

The firm is involved in the work of the Barreau de Paris Solidarité.


134 boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris

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